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star  beauty room


Bringing out the individual shine of each guest — unique like jewels — through one-on-one treatment.
The only private, women-only salon hidden in Waikiki, Hawaii, visited incognito by celebrities.
Undergo simultaneous face and body treatments with the original Kiyoko Method.
Beauty, relaxation, and maintenance are all available, providing a total produced experience of beauty and health,

exclusively available here with Kiyoko’s magical massages.

Service menu


Special plan




What's Kiyoko method

The Kiyoko Method is an original “push-and-flow oil massage”

using touch therapy and a unique approach created from proven techniques and years of experience.

We produce comprehensive beauty and health customized massages,

combining the most effective methods that meet your face and body conditions and preferences.


Body Massage

We provide various beauty, relaxing, and maintenance treatments by combining Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu, Seitai, lymphatic drainage, Swedish, slimming, reflexology, foot pressure points, etc. Each body massage menu is arranged based on the Kiyoko Method body massage. Effects include improvement of: stiff neck, shoulders, and lower back; swollen feet; eyestrain; blood circulation; shoulder blade muscle stretching; and slimming



Facial Massage

Hand massages alone can realize slimming, lift up, and skin beautification by combining European, Golki, face adjustment techniques, etc. Hand massages are especially effective for achieving attractive and powerful eyes. All facial treatments include a décolleté massage from the face and neck to the shoulders.

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About owner

After graduating from university in Japan, Kiyoko graduated from vocational schools specializing in beauty, esthetics, and Shiatsu/Seitai. She earned a License of Cosmetology in Japan and worked as a CIDESCO International Esthetician before moving to Hawaii. Kiyoko then acquired a Hawaii Cosmetologist License and Hawaii Massage Therapist License. After building experience in the Waikiki area at salons and a prestigious hotel spa, she opened Star Beauty Room in Waikiki in 2018.

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Star Beauty Room

Address : 334 Seaside Avenue #202 Honolulu, HI 96815

Mail :

TEL :  (808) 388-3576

LINE ID : starbeautyroom808

◯ Business hours ◯
Monday to Saturday : 10:00〜21:00

Sunday : 10:00〜14:00

Regular holiday : American holidays

Appointment Only


Image by Cole Keister


This salon is exclusively for women and is by appointment only.

For reservations and inquiries, please click here.

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