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Service menu


Body treatment

Each body massage menu is arranged based on the Kiyoko Method body massage

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Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage

$120 for 60 minutes / $175 for 90 minutes

Traditional, Hawaiian, and rhythmical healing
・For relaxation
・For a Hawaiian experience
Choose from plumeria, pikake, gardenia, or lavender scents and have a
traditional, Hawaiian, and rhythmical healing massage. Enjoy Lomi Lomi with
Hawaiian scents.


Power stone massage
(including stone selection 15 minutes)

$195 for 90 minutes / $265 for 120 minutes

Time to face your soul
・For mood improvement
・For new self-discoveries
Choose from three blend aromas. This massage allows patients to face
themselves by receiving energy from their power stone of choice and power
stone oil through their palms and third eye, and listening to their subconscious
mind. Patients will write a message to themselves after treatment and receive
their third-eye power stone as a gift.


Slim detox massage (with menthol blend aroma)

$130 for 60 minutes / $185 for 90 minutes / $250 for 120 minutes

Push out cellulite and waste to purify
・For a more intense massage experience
・For a strong massage
・For slimming of areas of concern

By pushing points and rubbing to improve cellulite and push out waste, patients
will be relieved of stiffness and swelling. A stomach massage will improve bowel
movement to relieve constipation. Patients will see slimming of the waist as


Hot Stone & Lomi Lomi Massage

$175 for 75 minutes

Relieve fatigue and body cold from the core
・For constant body cold relief
・For stress-derived muscle tension relief
This oil massage is done by sliding hot stones along muscles.
The warming effect and stone weight penetrate deep into the body, improving
blood and lymphatic flow. Patients will be relieved of stress and muscle fatigue,
improving self-healing power. It is effective for cold sensitivity, stiffness, and
swelling. Combine it with Lomi Lomi to thoroughly massage the entire body.
A hot stone massage can be five times more effective than a typical massage.

Foot Massage_edited.jpg

Hot stone & foot massage

$70 for 30 minutes

Remarkably effective for foot fatigue and swelling relief
Following a foot scrub, hot stones will warm and apply pressure to the calves,
and a good-pain foot pressure point massage will swiftly revive your tired feet.

Body Option

Hot stone…$20

Power stone…$20

Foot scrub…$20

Foot air…$20

head care…$20


Facial treatment

All facial treatments include a décolleté massage from the face and neck to the shoulders.

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At Star Beauty Room, we use Malie Organics — an organic beauty brand born from the nature of Kauai, Hawaii.
*We do not sell cosmetics at Star Beauty Room.


〜Malie Organics〜

Hawaiian facial

$175 for 60 minutes

Embrace your body and soul in Hawaii through an all-hand massage
First-class organic cosmetics luxuriously using essence extracted from natural
plants grown in Kauai, Hawaii. Choose from plumeria or koke’e scents. Malie
Organics’ fragrances, embodying the magnificent nature of Hawaii, will relieve
you from your daily stress and gently hug your body and soul. Combined with
Kiyoko’s magic, all-hand face massage, patients will be led to beautiful, healthy,
and shining skin.


〜Skin Science〜

Beautiful Skin Vitamin C Facial

$165 for 60 minutes

Improve texture and brighten your skin
Using vitamin C iontophoresis to sink deep into spots and dull skin, removing
melanin pigment and producing brighter skin. Realizing beautiful skin by
rejuvenating the skin through collagen production and antioxidant effects.


〜Skin Science〜

Pore tightening facial

$250 for 90 minutes

Regain clear skin with concentrated pore care
Thoroughly remove particularly noticeable black and large pores on the nose,
keratin plugs that can lead to sagging, and excess sebum.
Three-Step Triple Cleansing
1) Scrub: Polish the skin with a fine-particle massage
2) Sebum Absorption: Raise clogged sebum from deep pores and absorb
3) Ultrasonic Cleaning: Raise hidden, dirty sebum with fine vibrations and
Tighten pores with a cool mask to finish and realize smooth, clear skin.


〜Skin Science〜

Anti aging facial

$250 for 90 minutes

Restore youth by three years
Feel the immediate effect made possible by combining hand techniques and
beauty equipment. Approaching wrinkles and sagging skin from various angles
with facial muscle-stimulating hand techniques and beauty equipment with
three functions. Rejuvenate your skin’s original resilience, elasticity, moisture,
and glow.
“Three Functions”
Ultrasound: Deep cleans with ultrasonic vibration to remove old keratin for
smoother skin
EMS: Stimulates facial muscles with muscle contraction using microcurrents,
improving skin tightening, nasolabial folds, and sagging
LED: Accelerates collagen production with red light to improve skin elasticity
Use a collagen mask to finish and realize soft and younger skin.


At Star Beauty Room, we use Skin+Science — a brand produced by a Hawaiian
dermatologist — for our Beautiful Skin Vitamin C Facial, Pore Tightening Facial,
and Anti-aging Facial treatments.

Facial Option

Vitamin C iontophoresis…$25

Face scrub…$20

Intensive care for pores in the nose Ultrasonic cleaning…$25

Hot stone…$20

Intensive care EMS for the eye area…$25

Power stone…$20


Eyelash extension


Single lash (with 1:1 sticks)

Round. Classic and natural finish.

60 minutes / $100 (~80 lashes)

90 minutes / $150 (~120 lashes)

full / $200


Flat lash (1:1 stick)

Elliptical. Light, soft, and long-lasting.

60 minutes / $120 (~80 lashes)

90 minutes / $180 (~120 lashes)

Full / $240


Volume lash (3D~5D:1)

Voluminous and Fluffy look

60 minutes / $150 (~80 fans)

90 minutes / $225 (~120 fans)

full / $300


Keratin lash lift

Adding volume to eyelashes by curling them from their roots. Repair eyelashes
from within using keratin to give them resilience and gloss, improving durability.
Keratin is the main protein that composes eyelashes.


Lash Remove ... Remove current lashes. $40 per removal.


Special plan

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Premium Star Spa
(Face & Body Massage)

$145 for 60 minutes / $200 for 90 minutes / $265 for 120 minutes

A magical experience. Satisfy your face and body.
The all-hand Face & Body Massage with the Kiyoko Method is the best
combination. Enjoy a magical massage experience and effects.

starbeauty (5)_edited.jpg

Heavenly Spa
(Facial Treatment & Body Massage)

$395 for 180 minutes

A moment of bliss. Treat yourself for all your hard work.
For patients wanting to improve themselves and gain confidence. A luxurious
90-minute facial treatment & 90-minute body massage for you to love yourself
even more. Uniquely order-made just for you. Add as many options as you like
for infinite combinations. Enjoy a beauty and health experience in a private
Waikiki space with Star Beauty Room-exclusive treatments.

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