Facial Massage / Eyelash Extensions

Vitamin C facial (60min $125)

Vitamin C is a great antioxidant for your skin. Our vitamin C facials are a great way to improve the brightness, tone, and texture of your skin by helping to make natural collagen in your body. Vitamin C, B, E, and Ferulic acid + Vitamin C cream + Vitamin C ions

Brilliance Facial (60min $125)

LED Light Therapy and Micro current.

Micro current offers the ultimate option in facial rejuvenation. It improves skin tone and elasticity, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and offers intense hydration.

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Facial (60min $125)

​A facial massage using kukui nut oil and stress relieving Hawaiian aromas.

Choice of plumeria, pikake, gardenia, and lavender scented aroma oils.

Anti Aging facial (90min $185)

LED Light Therapy and Micro current and Ultrasonic facial treatment tightens and brightens skin and reduces wrinkles to encourage younger looking skin.

Brilliant Facial Course + Ultrasonic + LED Light Therapy and Micro current + Collagen Essence + Moisturizing Mask

Pore Rescue Facial (90 min $185)

Deep pore cleansing facial with Ultra Sonic.

Designed to eliminate impurities and tighten pores using a detoxifying mask to reveal a healthy glowing complexion. Scrub + Pore Tightening Mask + Blackhead Removal

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◆Add-On Treatments◆

Enhance your beauty with additional treatments

We can offer recommendations for the best combination of these additional treatments at our salon.

​●Vitamin C derivative $25

Vitamin C penetrates your skin which is an effective ingredient in making your skin look beautiful. The Vitamin C is an antioxidant action to help make your skin tone lighter, smooth out wrinkle and sagging skin.

●Deep cleansing nose pore $25

Deep cleansing nose pore with Ultra Sonic.

●Eye Treatment $25

Enhance any of our facials with this treatment to help reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. Perfect for those with tired eyes.


●Salicylic Acid Peel $15

Renew and soften your skin by removing dead skin cells.

●Hyaluronic Acid 100% Serum $10

Replenish moisture in your skin for younger-looking, supple skin.

●Ceramide Serum $10

A hydrating serum that creates a protective barrier on your skin while retaining moisture.

​●Vitamin C, B, E, and Ferulic Serum $10

An antioxidant that promotes brighter, softer, and smoother skin.

Reservation of Eyelash Extensions

Please call (808-388-3576) or send email (starabeautyroom@gmail.com) for your reservation.

Single Lash (Individual Lash 1-on-1)

60min/ $100(80-100)

90min/ $150(120-150)

Full $200

Add 1 Lash/ $1.5

Flat Lash (Individual Lash 1-on-1)

60min/ $120(80-100)

90min/ $180(120-150)

Full/ $240

Add 1 Lash/ $1.75

Volume Lash (3-5 Lashes-on-1)

60min/ $150(80fan)

90min/ $225(120fan)

Full/ $300

Add 1 Fan/ $2

Lash Removal

one time removal $30

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■This facial massage is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment or medications.

■Gratuities is at the discretion of our clients. Gift certificates do not include gratuity unless specifically noted otherwise.

■Please inform us of any health conditions at the time for booking (e.g. high blood pressure, heart condition, allergies, pregnancy). We encourage you to communicate any concerns when booking services so we can better customize your experience.

■If you must reschedule or cancel any  appointment, please notify us 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the service. Cancellation of service requires 24 hours’ notice. Missed appointments without proper notice are subject to a 100 % charge for reserved services.